help,It's Error12!!

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I cannot login.... - Error12 -
still cant login and also got Error12
but i can login at asia sever,any help?
Why no administrator respond to us?
you gotta click on the accounts link on the top

then click add game, then enter your CD key as shown

GHSKS78-93JJF-etc. etc.

be sure letters are in caps with the dashes, then click on the green button

after creating a diablo III authorization

you should be able to log in....
I don't think you need any kind of CD key, when I purchased Starcraft 2, I don't need any kind of CD key at all, Is the CD key what you mean are the codes from the GUEST PASS? If do so, If you look the information at the back side of your GUEST PASS, these codes are limited playing, these codes are only for free download diablo 3.

Is there any suggestions can tell me whether I'm right or wrong?

I see, It's the CD key from your Disk box, Diablo Ⅲ Authentication Key Standard Edition - US...
je ne peux pas me co car il me disent kil ny a pas de de compte diablo relier a mon compte batllenet .error 12 plz help me =)
ses la meme chose pour moi

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