can't get achievements

Bug Report
issue: don't get several achievements.

When: after lvl 10.

With: 2 other players (also when 1 left)

I played with 2 people yesterday.
started a new game and everything was going great,

i got all achievements like: 10.000g pickup, reach lvl 10 etc.
But after a while i didn't get any achievements anymore.

For instance, we did the Skeleton king, the other 2 people got the achievement.

But i didn't (i checked and i don't already have it) this happend to every achievement i should get after the last one i got. wich was the 10.000g pickup.

I try'd to repair an item to get the repair achievement. But it didn't work.

when i go and create a new game (by myself) and do the repair i get the achievement.
i also had a rare item equiped and the moment i enter my own game i get the achievement.

But when i went back to a game with my brother ( same dude/character as the other game)
i'm not getting any achievements anymore.

Also, i get an error when i try to apply my CE sigil.

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