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I'm trying to log in using my e-mail (Battle Net Account Name) and password and I keep getting this error. I'm able to log in to Battle Net just fine but can't login to Diablo 3. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!
same i think is just the problem on blizzard eventually they will fix it but is so annoying
The sticky says to check and make sure your email/account name is being entered with no extra spaces...basically, enter your info accurately. Did that. The link for supposed work around others found takes you to a Page Not Found error 404.

I sounds like this is a known issue that Blizz is trying/has been trying to fix with Diablo III. It's just a shame that this error is still here on release day. I hope they fix it Soon(TM).
Thanks guys. I've tried changing my e-mail and password numerous times and still get the same error. Also made sure I didn't leave any extra spaces in my e-mail address. So frustrating!!
When launching game do not double click on the desktop icon (or left click the icon in the start menu).

Instead, Right click the icon and select Run as Administrator.

To my knowledge this is only applicable to vista, and you will have to do it every time you start up the game.

Hopefully they fix this soon because it is rather annoying and the only reason I know it is because it was the solution I found when I installed D2 about a week ago just while waiting for the D3.

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