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i've downloaded the diablo 3 downloader multiple times, everytime it shuts down on its own, it happened alot and i thought it was normal, today when i looked the thing wasn't working, i saw that there was a new downloader and downloaded it, twice today, both times it shut on its own and both times when i tried reopening it starts anew with downloading, it's supposed to continue, but it starts over, it's getting really irritating, when i saw in the files the setup, i tried running it, it said: AN UNEXPECTED DECRYPTION ERROR OCCURRED. CONTACT CUSTOMER SUPPORT. ofcourse customer support is down, and the files were together around 6gb at first glance, i googled the problem and it said i had to run the downloader and it would continue, i trusted it, ran the downloader and it started at 0mb, i cancelled it and checked again, the 6gb files were replaced with 8 mb's ones (yes, it had .part) this problem was bugging me the whole day and it's getting really annoying, any help would be apreciated

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