Diablo III Available Now? Not Actually lol

Technical Support
SO, the adverts all say available now... should add "...but playable later, maybe"

- thoughts community?
Only took 10 years to make the game but why would that be enough time to have it actually work
Because they have 100 times more players logging in than during beta?

Staggered launch would have helped.
This is Blizzard's way of trolling us.
Wahhhhhh I want the most popular PC game in the last few years to work all the time for me on launch day! How dare they have issues outside of their control! I know their systems better than they do, so they should've seen this coming!
Word, I mean, obviously stuff happens, but this is the 3rd time I believe that its down today (T_T) troll/rage/emo/fail/quit

A lil foresight Blizz pls
So kittahmsash when you're done be a total f*g**t take some time out of you day to kill youself, do your mom the favor

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