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I am still getting this same issue that I had during the beta. My game will stutter each time I see a new-ish spell or animation or something similar to that. It gets really annoying to play like this.

My friend who has a very similar setup is getting the exact same issue as I am.

My specs:

Windows 7 64bit professional
6gb DDR3 RAM
2tb HDD
GTX 570
i7 950 @3ghz stock
I tried adjusting the affinity to run on all 8 threads, 4 threads and 2 threads... stutters with all them. Also disabled any HDMI audio stuff since I heard that mentioned as a potential fix.

i7 3770k @ 4.5ghz
Asus P8Z68 Pro gen3 mobo
16GB ram
GTX 680 2GB video card
Asus Xonar STX sound card
Game is loaded on a Agility 3 SSD
Win7 64

I tried using a USB headset instead of my soundcard for audio. Tried low/medium/high sound channels. I also tried my CPU at stock speed. Tried disabling all power saving features in bios and in windows.

It's a problem with the game and high end machines it seems like. Perhaps the way its optimized to run on ancient hardware is what makes it run bad on modern machines.
Same issue here,

Stuttering when loading new animations or mobs

i5 2500k
4gig RAM
Same issue...I flucuate anywhere between 50-25 fps...does not matter the settings.

Was told multiple times it was an "optimization" issue from the beta...so I was optimistic retail would work better. Clearly that is not the case.
I noticed immediate improvement after going into task manager while the client is running and killing "agent.exe" give it a try.
Same issue...I flucuate anywhere between 50-25 fps...does not matter the settings.

Was told multiple times it was an "optimization" issue from the beta...so I was optimistic retail would work better. Clearly that is not the case.

Yeah well, when Blizzard states explicitly that it will be rectified, optimism abounds.
2 core helped a little but it still is pretty bad on 1 of my 2 desktops with an i7.

I have a feeling it's sound related as my 2 PC's are very similar except the 1 that is hardly stuttering at all has an SB X-Fi where as this PC which is stuttering badly uses onboard audio only. Both are Windows 7 x64 boxes.

The badly stuttering PC has a ATI 5750, 16GB ram, a better i7 processor, and an SSD.

The hardly stuttering (though still noticeable) has a GTX 570, 8GB ram, an older i7 processor, and no SSD, but an X-Fi dedicated sound card.

Also echoing disappointment of being an early D3 beta tester, bringing this issue up, having seen no resolution and it still is exactly the same thing happening on release.

Game would otherwise be a 10/10 if it were not for this extremely annoying issue.

And no, it's not video card lag, or internet lag. It's obviously some kind of disk access, or caching issue for some kind of internal game assets.
Joining the voice. Same issues. I've died @ level 1 cuz of this.

NVIDIA GeForce 9600 GT
296.10 Driver
E7400 @2.80 GHz
Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
DirectX 11

Running SC2 and WoW on High without problems. D3 stutters like hell even on low. (fullscreen/windowed doesn't help).
getting this stutter on a quad core 4.4ghz with gtx 680 with no vsync and 8 gigs of ram

had no issues in beta. now the game is barely playable due to constant stuttering
doubl epost
Seems that many of us are having this issue with quad core processors and doesn't to be anything related to our drivers.
Seems to be an issue related to game and new hardware
+1 on this issue. I was in the beta and never encountered any sort of stuttering problem. The game typically ran on my GTX 460 1GB at well over 60FPS. Now it is unplayable to to the stuttering issue. I am on the latest NVidia drivers (verified this morning).
Idk if this is the same thing but the game will get a bit choppy for me when i run into a big mob then will run fine as soon as they are dead?
this game is unplayable for me, i get like 10 fps with normal settings.

My specs:
CPU: Intel Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
RAM: 4,00 GB
OS: Win7 Ultimate 64bit
BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. V1.3 08/09/2007
Same problem here.

i7 2670QM 2.2ghz
Radeon HD 7690M XT (latest drivers)
Win 7 Premium 64bits
Same here, no issues in beta and using same set up. Just started out and so far game seems pretty unplayable. Extremely dissapoint.

AMD phenom x4 830
GTX 460(296.10 driver)
4 mb ram
Win 7 premium 64bit
game is unresponsive ... even in log in screen extremely low fps rate.. video cards updated .. i5 processor high end laptop ... " REALLY BLIZZARD REALLY?"
Running into the same issues... It seems to get marginally better after the Skeleton King, but it's still a really rough play.

AMD FX-8150
Asus 6950
Win 8 64bit

Eats every game for breakfast, on max settings, and it stutters here. Tried different resolutions, lowering all the settings, etc. Will have to try killing cores when I get home.
Well seeing that you al have a i7 quad-core hyperthreading CPU. This might be it.

Could anyone try to put the CPU affinity for diablo to only use 2cores without the hyperthreading.
And look if it's any better or worse...

how to:

So basically make your machine a dualcore withour hyperthreading.

This worked for me so far, night and day difference in lag and playability. Game looks like it did back in beta.

Thanks for the tip, I suggest others try it as well.
I'm also having this problem, it's the same one experienced in the open beta.

Basically the game runs great, feels smooth and reports ~60FPS, but occasionally it will stutter and the framerate drops down to 10 for a split second, then goes back up. It's intermittent and can occur in any environment, even just running around town with no enemies or combat effects going on. The result is an instant feeling of "lag" while the game catches up, and it's quite distracting.

My system is NOT a quad core. It is a dual core.

Win7 SP1 x64
E6850 @ 3.4GHz
GeForce GTX 550 Ti (296.10)
Soundblaster X-Fi

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