Game crashes when I do anything

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Yesterday I wasn't able to get the game to start. After I clicked play the game would go to a black screen for a moment before crashing. I tried a fair few things (Driver updates, windowed mode), before I restarted.

After that it let me actually get to the login screen, but whenever I click anything, or even just start typing my username, the game promptly crashes. I have left the game at the "ready to play" state for 10 minutes before clicking "Play" to insure it has fully downloaded even though it said "100%" for all 10 minutes. (Just to be safe ya' know) When the game launches though, it still just crashes when I click anything.

I can leave the game open for an apparently endless amount of time without it crashing. Sound is playing, smoke & birds are animating. Long as I don't click anything in the game itself, or try to type while the game is selected it won't crash. So I don't think its some sort of overheating issue, or anything similar.

Only error message of any sort that I get is "Diablo III has stopped working"

Please help.

EDIT: Well.... I left the game running for 10 minutes without clicking anything, and now it would appear to be working... so I'm just confused. I'll post again here if it breaks again. . . I am extremely fearful of exiting the game for fear that it will start crashing again. . .

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