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Mac Technical Support
Just want to make sure I won't regret buying the game due to crippling graphical issues due to my Macbook's age. I notice that the system requirements are the same as they were for SC2, if I was able to run SC2 on Medium settings for most of the campaign, should I be set here? I'd love to give it a spin but I'd also rather not waste 60 bucks if I can't play the game.
Check your Video Card. If you have a 9600M GT or better, youre probably fine. If you only have a 9400M then i would wait to see if they ever fix this problem or not before purchasing.
There's an ongoing issue with the 9400m? Sadface

Yes there's currently FPS issues with the 9400M due to shader support. Not sure what's to come of it as yet.

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