Taskbar and start menu proprties

Bug Report
First of all I would like thank you for this awsome game except one fact that made a lot of ppl angry, Im talking about log in issues from first launch hours but what ever important is that game is offical!! yeaaaah....
Talking about my problem, well, I can not remove 1 diablo icon from taskbar. There are two of them, I dont know why it has 2 but when Im pressing right click of mouse on it, it doesnt want pop up scroll with possiblity to remove it. When Im doing same action to other icon on taskbar it pop up, so what is wrong with d3 icon and how can I fix it?
Ah, forgot to write about 3rd icon of d3, when I run d3 it show me 3 icons.

Here u got picture of it.

Kind regards
Deleted Diablo3 then clearned registry, reboot pc and after that it was possibly to delete not needed icons.
After it I install again diablo.

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