I won't be buying anymore blizzard games

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Except they didn't have to do that. They did the same thing with this game as they did Starcraft 2 and it's just as stupid now as it was then.

The only true need to have these games on Battle.net is for the multi player. If they would have just left the damn lan stuff in for people that don't give a rats butt about PvP then everything would have been fantastic....But nooooooo......Can't do that.

Well, there's less duping and cheating online, so there's that.

How is this different from Diablo 2? In Diablo 2 if you wanted to play on Battle.net closed servers everything was stored online and you couldn't access it otherwise. The cheating/duping/hacking wasn't stopped by an "always-on" connection in Diablo 2...so there's no need for the same type of implementation here.

The reason they did it is to prevent people from going to a person's house and putting the game on 4 computers to play LAN. This forces people to buy more games to play at LAN parties and makes sure that players always have to go through them to access their content.
You people are the most unappreciative, ungrateful little !@#$%es I have ever seen. It's like watching WoW forums. You don't get something you want you cry, someone else is going to get a sigil for doing something you didn't do... YOU CRY SOME MORE. On launch day, and yeah you even cried about it not being soon enough, you rant, make threats and do what.... CRY MORE. Why don't you sit for just one minute and think about the training, intelligence and time it took to make this game not to mention all the blood sweat and tears that went into it. Don't buy another Blizz game, we don't want to see you cry about more trivial crap.

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