Days worth of Achievements GONE

Technical Support
Are we serious? We worked hard all day and I collected so many acheivements and now somehow my fiancee and I have ZERO Achievements on our account, despite having a level 10 softcore and level 15 hardcore character, and EXPLORING EVERY SINGLE DUNGEON.... Are you seriously tellin us that we have to do this all over again?

What kind of !@#$ show is this game running behind?
I feel your pain brother, I lost alot myself. Best thing to do is lay off till tonight until the servers are stable. I really can't understand how a multi billion dollar company wasn't ready for this. I appreciate the game, but this launch fail won't be forgotten. People took off of a day of work like myself just to enjoy the game on it's launch.
Congrats on your first ever game day launch of a very popular game.
Damn, and I thought I was irritated over not being able to install the game... Sounds like I'm better off leaving it to collect dust until Blizzard gets their $#!% together.

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