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I played the beta and a desktop icon was automatically installed. I bought the annual pass for WoW so i got my D3 for free and went to download and install it last night which was a nightmare, but i finally got it installed and now there isn't a desktop icon and i can't figure out how to get it on there.
It's not in any of my files that i can visibly see on my computer. To launch the game i have to launch the setup installer and go through that BS and it tells me "game is up to date" and then i can click play.
How can i get a desktop icon when i can't find the file itself in my computer anywhere? Please help, thank you.
right click to the setup installer, and select send to desktop as shortcut.

I have the proper Icon, and yet it always checks for patches, and tells me the game is up to date before being able to click play. So I guess what I am saying will work, considering there is not any difference.

Hope it helps.

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