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So you guys stress tested that stuff over and over again for..... what exactly? Feels like you just rushed it unprepared.

So I got a hard copy of the game. And I'm stuck at 0%. From a physical copy. I can safely say I've never seen that. Even scratched dvd's have the decency to install 20-30% before making you pissed off. Oh I've tried all the tricks. Nothing works.
Just wait, after all the install fun you can hurry up and Not Log In. Best $59.99 I spent on something that I cant use.
Agreed. I really did expect better from Blizzard. But so far this is a big pile of crap.
For that I'd need to be able to get past 0%.
I guess im the only happy customer? i have a really crappy computer and the game installed in a good 15-20 min, also it only took me about 10 min to log in.
me and my friends just finished nightmare.
im just saying, if it works on my !@#$ty computer it SHOULD work on most.

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