HELP! Launcher will not start! VIDEO inside!

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Hi all,

I bought a digital copy of D3 about 6 hours ago, downloaded the


file and got all excited.... 6 hours later I'm still trying to play.

Here is what happens. The installer runs correctly, downloading all the files into the folder. The installer then closes as its done its job but the LAUNCHER never starts!! I have done EVERYTHNIG i could find on these forums, including but not limited to

- Deleting the folder and restarting the whole process ( about 20 times, with or without antivirus, with or without firewall)
- Going to check my setting for secondary logon or whatnot
- Trying to run the setup from the folder manually

None of it works. If you are still reading this and can help I have even MADE A MOVIE of my problem and posted it on youtube just so you know what I am talking about:

you can skip through the boring middle part. See at 3:09 it even SAYS "Launching BLIZZARD Launcher" but then nothing happens. Opened task manager: No Blizzard process running. Manually chekc the folder: correct size 82.5 gb. Try to run the setup manually: same thing, it says launching the laucher then nothing (4:40)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. PC is 2 years old but it ran the Demo 2 weeks ago no problem.
Just realized the video is still uploading to youtube...
Try replacing the contents of the folder with this:
Its what got me past all that junk.
ok downloaded it but now when i run Diablo 3 setup I get an error saying

FAiled to run a required program (Ageny). WAit one minute and try again and if that doesnt work please restart your computer and try again.

Please click the link below if the problem persists
Error code: BLZPTS00007


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