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Just starting out in the level 1 area. I can move around just fine, but when I try to use a skill, it will play the character animation, but the arrow won't fire from my crossbow. Sometimes it will appear 7-10seconds later, sometimes not at all.

Walking towards Tristram, the mobs that should be there don't appear, there are no NPC's at the gate. Game assets just don't seem to be loading.

Trying again since, characters are now appearing, but when I get to the gate and the group of mobs spawn, they just stand in place. They do not attack, I cannot attack them (as my arrows don't even appear when I cast).

This is the sort of thing I would expect to see when my connection falters and I am disconnecting from a game, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I never get booted out, and my latency stays pretty consistently in the 300-600ms range. Reading other forum posts it seems people are playing just fine at pings much higher than that.

Anyone else having this problem?
300ms is pretty bad.

I'm lagging really bad as well. Extreme rubberbanding, enemies not showing up, attack animations going but nothing happening on screen.
It certainly isn't good, but based on others finding it manageable it doesn't appear to be the sole cause of my problem. This isn't lag, this is core elements of the game not even appearing.

The game literally cannot be played.
I hear you. But from my experience I've seen the same things happening through lag. Waypoints not showing up, NPCs not allowing me to talk to them, even entire sections of the level completely gone with a blue nothingness in its place. All from lag.

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