is nvidia geforce 9500gt Supported?

Technical Support
I can't find the list of supported graphics cards, but every minute or two when I'm playing my screen goes black for a second or two, and on my desktop it says video drivers crashed and recovered.
yes it is
it runs pretty good in my old nvidia 9500gt :D
Hmmmmm any ideas why my video drivers are crashing? Or does anyone know how I can fix this little problem? Very annoying, crashes every minute or so... hard to play when the screens constantly black
try updating drivers
is it the geforce 9 series?
Nevermind I got it, drivers were from 07 lol thanks guys
Diesel did updating fix it for you? Mine is crashing all the time even with clean install of newest drivers. Any one else have this issue and fix it? Didn't want to have to buy a new video card rite now.

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