Is there a way to change your color?

Witch Doctor
I want to play Witch Doctor but I noticed some attributes about the class that makes me queasy.
Uh...are you saying what I think you're saying?
His forum pic is black avatar. So i don't know.
Even if you could, you'd still have that Caribbean/Jamaican accent.
lulz. surprised nobody said "dass raciss!" yet.

Also, I'm pretty sure the voice for the WD is the actor who plays the haitian cook in the HBO show Treme. His name is Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, which (oddly enough) sounds like a pretty good WD name.
Don't ever post here again.
i like how da witch doctor tells the templar that he respects his focus yet asks him to chillax abit
Don't bump this, just let it die.

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