"The game connection has been lost; your clie

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"The game connection has been lost; your client has been disconnected from the server"

I get this when i try to join a game, resuming game or joining a friends game. (i'm already logged in)

It was fine when i was playing it at home but this occured when i tryed playing using my university LAN network.

Is that the cause? Is there anyway to get around it?

Appreciate any help, thanks in advance.
Do you also get a weird screen when logging in?

When I try to do what you just mentioned the game starts but then this happens...


What's up with that, I'm getting real tired, I've been able to log in twice and the second one I found out I lost all my achievements, this is getting on my nerves
getting the same error from the uni's network...
same problem but just running off netgear wireless, bump blizzard please give us SOMETHING to go off of.
All my friends and I are having the exactly same problem. I hope they fix this game quickly 'cause in the hours i could play, i didn't 'cause of differents problems from servers and so.
kindly fixed this issue.
It was totally fine when it's using home network. But when in university, which i have checked with the IT side.. they did not block it.
hence, it's the server side issue.. kindly look into this issue and give us an solution asap!
I'm getting disconnected every time I load into a new dungeon. Thought yesterday that it was just the servers getting slammed, tried it again this morning and even with my latency showing green (in the 90 ms) range, I was consistently getting disconnects when trying to enter dungeons. Game hard locks and when it finally comes back to life I get the 'game has disconnected' dialog. Sometimes with a "you have died" screen. Never had this happen during the beta or before yesterday's 'system update'.
up we go~ blizzard~~ please check
I did not pay to play beta version

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