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well, this is From Hong Kong, we also got the same problem no matter we are playing with wifi connection indoor or directly plug in cable to the computer. It is not a problem in the bata, its not a problem a few days before, it was so smooth that i thought every dollars spent was worthful. Please, technical team please face the truth that its what happened after you "fixed" sth after last update and make this game unplayable at all, you know there is no save between 3-5 minutes game play, and that cause everything single game repeat and repeat...

we never had that happened in D2, we never have that happen in SC, yet there no problem in WOW and i don't have such come to me in SC2 so why is that 3005 3007 37 player removed from server wthbbq come to us this time and oh ya players fault?

please, its not a monthly payment game, but we had been PAID for the game
and thanks
Where do I go to get a refund? This game is unplayable. I payed $80AUD for it. I want my money back.
Same here. The only thing that seems to work is a sugested workaround of joining general chat and posting every minute or so. The only problem is I now got sent an account notification teeling me my priviledges had ben suspended for spamming chat. It's a no-win.
Hmm still not solved...
A friend of mine has this problem...
Really annoys me too.
Want to see it fixed by now actually.
The worst part is spending 30-45 minutes getting 5 stacks of valor on inferno and then getting disconnected.
Same issue here, please provide us a fix !!!
I removed some Detail such as my E-Mail to avoid some chance of getting Hacked.

Diablo crashed after me trying to quit game after I was "removed from the game" also.
Been facing the same problem 1 hour game-play, I've been removed 3 times. and have to repeat the mission (catapult at stofner) 3 times. it is very frustrating. i face this problem since the first time i bought this great game. had tried switching off my firewall and anti virus and its not working...connect to general chat room, also not working, about my router/modem i have already done whatever i can to make the connection more stable.. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi there. I bought my good weapon yesterday (had farmed 2 days for it) with fate of finally finishing act 2 and suddenly i am facing the 3007, 30000008 and you have been removed errors. Hope there are some dudes working on this problem. Make it like WOW. Take our money but give us the product we deserve.
same issue.
I had the same issue since last night! :(
Have You got a digital copy of the game or a Standard edition from the stores ? I don't have this 'removed from game' problem I have my game from the stores and I play on the European realm. Guess I should be glad about that.
Well this really sucks, i pay loads of cash for this game (for me it is loads), and I get errors and errors. I really love this game, and it starts to annoy me. This is really ***** up.

hi Blizzard,

i had this issue, keep removed me from the game after play 10-20mins. i m using DIR-615 router. am i need to set the port forwarding for
tcp:80, 1119, and 6881-6999
udn:1119, 6881-6999

I'm having the exact same issue in Diablo 3 running windows 7 x86
This is a Mac forum. You will want to post in the Technical Support (Windows) forums.
its not a problem with our side of the connection is it, cos all four players get kicked.

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