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How does one separate the audio from D3 and Skype at the same time? I'd prefer to have the Diablo 3 audio playing out of my speakers, and just Skype through the headset. I know Starcraft II has an option to do this easily but D3 does not seem to. Any ideas?

Thank you.
Well, I am running Windows 7 with an Audigy and also an onboard sound card. The Audigy is set to default, which is what Diablo 3 uses. My headset is using the onboard sound card, and that's the one I use for Skype/etc for my headset. Works beautifully!

So perhaps changing the default sound card on your OS setting will do the trick?
Start Diablo with it coming from your speakers. Then load skype and under options set your output/input to your headset.

There use to be in game options to switch audio outputs as in all their prior games. It was also there during beta.

It is not there now and is extremely annoying.

Stupid, stupid, stupid thing to leave out without even an explanation.

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