If you were disapointed in Diablo 3,look here

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I know some of you were not happy with what Diablo 3 represents. To me, its not really the sequal to Diablo 3, but more like Blizzard's attaempt to milk the series for more money.

Two games that seem to bring back what was in Diablo 2 are:

Torchlight II
This series is actually being developed by people who were actually ON the design team of the original Diablo series and not a bunch of hacks Blizzards hired for Diablo 3.

Grim Dawn
Seems to be a spiritual successor to Titan's Quest

Both are about $20 each and look alot more promising than Diablo 3.
What's wrong with Diablo 3? So far it's been awesome. Server issues aside, it's a great game.
It is generic and simplified to the extreme. Maybe its good for you, but some of the elements in Diablo would make me fall asleep.
Have you played it? The actual game, not the beta?
I've played in the TL2 beta and it does resemble D2 a lot, I like D3's pace and story so far.
They want their cookie cutter talent trees and boring stat distribution back. :P

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