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Just beat ye olde Skeleton King and picked up the goodies he dropped. One of them was a rare wand and a couple other unidentified rares. Right after picking them up, I get a message saying "server disconnected" (or something along those lines). Thankfully, I restarted right there at the SK's throne and didn't have to fight him again.

Unfortunately, all the goodies I picked up are gone.

Happen to anyone else? I imagine I'm hosed and can't get any of it back right?
in diablo2 players found way to take somone else stuff i think that same player is back and found way to stick his hands in your pockets lol.....
ya i've had this happen to me as well, lost 2 yellow (rare) items in the process, wasnt happy.
Big thank you to Blizzard for requiring a login to battlenet for all games. Wish they'd have developed the game so that single player games would keep all game data saved locally instead of out on the bnet servers. Tisk Tisk..
Yep Happened to me as well and blizzard support more or less said sucks to be you because we wont give you the items back. Hopefully they will fix this because if I keep losing my rare items whats the point in playing..
Same happened to me and some friends while questing. We just triumphed over the Spider Queen and all lost our loot. We tried re-running the quest but she only dropped magic items the second time. Lost a rare staff and boots.
Same here. Just defeated "The Butcher", picked up some lovely yellow items, then BAM! Server disconnect, go back in, Butcher is still dead, but empty inventory. What's the point in all of the mouse click-click-clicking if there is no reward?
Same sh#t, beated Skeleton King, disconnected and lost 1 yellow and 3 blue items

I'd like to replay the quest, but how to do it?
Same here, yesterday. I finished exploring a damn huge area in the second act, just found a rare item and there it was - server disconnected. I was like "Hm, first time.", even though I had a bad ping playing anyway. So I reconnected and I lost all the area-information + my rare item which would have been quite handy for my char. Damn you Blizzard, that seems to be a biggi - WORK on that!!! Otherwise we should spam you with tickets for your ignorance :P
Just kidding - or am I? ;)

Single-player should have stayed offline. Big mistake bringing it online.
Look, if we're gonna treat this like an MMO (required internet, data stored serverside, no save feature) then the game needs to keep realtime track of my inventory, like every other MMO out there, not this checkpoint BS.
You all must have missed that 30 minute warning.

And Keyedesh, if they used realtime tracking, you can expect downtimes for another few months.
You all must have missed that 30 minute warning.

And Keyedesh, if they used realtime tracking, you can expect downtimes for another few months.

Based on what? I don't lose my stuff in WoW when the server goes down. Or any other MMO. They made the decision to implement it like an MMO, they should do it properly.
Happened to me as well, lost 2 yellow rare items in act III, btw. there was no server disconnect warning. Happened 30 minutes ago.
Just started playing like one hour ago, and I got the same problem.
I was in a dungeon, killed a group of mobs, got a nice loot, keep exploring the dungeon, got dced and when I logued in again i didnt have my loot :(
Exact same thing happened to me o.O I just beat the skeleton king, got a yellow sickle and two unidentified items, then got hit with a DC. Resumed my game, and my inventory was wiped clean, save a few cruddy items, and the items that I had equipped...good to know I'm not the only one, though XD

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