Why no offline or LAN mode.

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I would like if it all possible for someone from blizzrd to please let me know why oh why an offline single player or LAN multiplayer was not available for diablo 3. I remember for diablo 2 me and a bunch of my firends would have big LAN parties, I personally have always liked palyer single player campaigns because for me thats all there was when i started gaming in the 80's with atari, nintendo and evne pc. So please let me know because i am becoming very dissappointed because i can't play for more than a few minutes before I am booted off. I am still in act one and i Have just now got to the crowned king ghost and I have been playing since the servers came online
I feel like I have read this somewhere before.....
offline mode makes it easy to pirate the game, diablo3 collectors edition is already listed as cracked
I wish there was an offline. Something that didn't have any way to possible touch the auction house as it's something I have no intention of using anyway.
05/16/2012 10:42 AMPosted by Dovah
offline mode makes it easy to pirate the game, diablo3 collectors edition is already listed as cracked

Well then that means it has not stopped piracy thus making it useless and only causing problems.

TBH If ever a single player offline crack comes out i will POSSIBLY consider using it.
This has been discussed EVERYWHERE a MILLION times. They made their decision they could've done something else but the didn't. It sucks, yes, but you'll live with it if you want to play D3
Paying real money for gear is stupid, yes. However, if I can get some stupid person to pay me real money for gear, you can bet I will be all over it ...
Why no offline or LAN mode?

Same reason The Sims isn't a first person shooter. That's not what type of game this is.
Expected.... but still a bad move... what about those of us in the military who like to play but don't always have an internet connection while we are out here protecting Blizzards freedom to pull this crap!!!!!!!
I hope that the person who came up with this retarded no offline mode idea gets kicked square in the nuts.

Last night I was playing and right in the middle of a damn battle the line dropped and my game session ended :(, I mean c'mon people, 4 years and this is all you can come up with, shame on you BLIZZARD.
It has nothing to do with piracy. Even Blizzard has said so. It is online only so that they do not have to host character data, item data, world data, etc on your local machine. Keeping a majority of the game's functions on Blizzard servers makes it much harder to (though not impossible) to introduce hacks or duped items into the game. Also, because of how the game is coded, it would be nearly impossible for them to patch in an offline function like they did with SC2. SC2 had all of the game data on your machine, and the servers were only used for multiplayer and authentication.

As for why there is no LAN functionality, go look up some of the threads that were around before and slightly after SC2 launched. The reasons are the same now as they were when SC2 launched with no LAN functionality.

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