How to get infinite time in a timed dungeon

Bug Report
So i got to Act 2 and the first timed dungeon i got was crumbling vault. It only gives you 2 minutes to do the entire dungeon. However if you use town portal, wait a bit, then go back the timer will be gone and you can enter freely into the vault. Worst part is the vault contains some rare and really good equips.

If this is a bug then i can only imagine people spamming this and filling the auction house with rares and better.
It's not actually a cheat, the timer isn't how long you get to clear the vault, it's how long you have to find the portal to the real vault. You have three minutes to find the portal in there, not to clear the level. if you run out of time, you still stay there and get to clear the level, but the portal will be gone after 3 minutes. I'm guessing that when you town-port out and back and the timer's gone, the portal to the vault will be gone too.
Lets say if you thought this was an exploit then you should not post it here...

anyways..its legit and not a exploit..(the way i see it)

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