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I've picked up several books (New Tristam, Deckard Cain pt. 2, Leah pt. 4, possibly others) that are in my inventory but not counted towards the achievements.
I am having the same problem with lore and beastiary books/journals not counting in ther respective achievement requirement lists (Leah Journal 3 for example). I have tried opening them from the list and listening to them and starting from the beginning to try and acquire again with no luck. There are also a few missing conversations with Headrig. Weary Blacksmith and Fate of his father.
I had the weary blacksmith on the first day. They did work on the servers and I lost like 200 achievements. Not a big deal but since then I have not been able to get that conversation piece on any character. I am wondering if you can only get it before you get the blacksmith skill... If that is the case it needs to be corrected, due to the fact that once one character has smithing, they all do.
Not too sure about it but I believe that if you press ESC while having a dialog it won't count. Just keep pressing spacebar if you don't want to listen to the entire thing. With the books I haven't had any problems sofar but just keep the finger from the ESC and it might do the trick
Same thing to me, the achievement "A Quick Study" did not register the "Skeleton King" book I read. It is already in the list of journals I retrieved.. I can even listen to it.
I've noticed the same thing with some of the lore books (like "Leah's journal" #1 and #6, some random beast lore books), conversation options (like "Weary blacksmith") and even some achievements (I just re-did the one you get after killing Leoric, although I'm currently supposed to be playing on act 3). I can almost swear that I had some of the lores before (like the "Wreteched mother"), but that they now are missing just like the one with Leoric. -.-
I posted this in another thread on the same page.

Achievement servers imploded on the first day or two, frequently wiping achievements and achievement progress. Many people suffer from it, you are not the only. The servers seem more stable now though, so if you can be bothered, you can re-do achievements. Keep in mind however:

a) Achievements, and pretty much everything else, like the stash and blacksmith, are account wide. With the exception that normal and hardcore blacksmith/jeweler/stash are seperate. So you can get blacksmith achievements again by doing hardcore.

b) The journal entry achievements actually require you to pick them up, not listen to them, however they only drop once per character. So you can only get credit again by obtaining them on another character.

I hope that explains things sufficiently.
So basically I'll need to create a new character to unlock the achievements that's gone missing.

Guess that'll give me more of a reason to try another class right away instead of finishing the game first.

Thanks for the info Tacticus, it was what I was afraid of but now I can do something about it. :3

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