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Hi! I am getting the "error 3007, disconnected from server" message every five or ten minutes and cannot get anything done without boosting from other players. This is damaging my gaming experience and I would apprecciate any advice that can help me with this problem.

Anders M
Hi uptanders!

We've seen many reports of this disconnection error, and these workarounds have worked for some players, but not others, depending on their particular combination of software, hardware, and network configuration:

1) Bypassing the router, and connecting directly to the modem. This is more of a troubleshooting step to isolate the router as a possible cause for Error 3007s, which leads to the next step:

2) Updating the router firmware. There have been quite a few cases where D-Link routers are involved with this disconnection, and a firmware update helped:

3) Forwarding ports 1119 and 6881-6999 on the router to your computer's current IP address. This site shows how to forward ports on a variety of routers:

4) Joining the General chat channel. Many players have reported that this helps them stay in game.

Lega and Pentara found a workaround for the DIR-615:
D-Link DIR-615 router - try setting UDP and TCP Endpoint Filtering to Endpoint Independent. Those two settings can be found under Advanced > Firewall Settings.

In the meantime, our developers, and network administrators are looking into the causes of Error 3007, and we will post updates as we get them.
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Thank you for recognizing this problem!
I can let people know what I have done to Fix the error 3007.

Thanks to 2 peoples advice and 45+ play time and no error so far.

Must do both Steps in order to get the error to be removed.

05/17/2012 10:39 AMPosted by Vaek
launch D3 hit options than Download preference make sure both boxes are blank. Next when you first log onto Bnet ingame join world chat before you start a private or join a public match this has fixed my issue i had all day and my friends.

2. Now to fix the Windows 7 firewall settings. Click start - control panel - security - firewall (there should be a link on the left hand side that says something like advanced settings). Flick that link. Click on the incoming connections and add the new rule for all ports stated above. Port 80, 1119 and ports 6881-6999. You must do at least two rules depending on your firewall version. Make sure to do the Outgoing connections as well in the same fashion.

These 2 steps have allowed me to play past 5-15 minutes and NOT get the error. I will keep this updated.
Thank you! I've got some problems doing these things acccording to my limited understanding of the troubleshooting required. Hope you guyes can get it fixed in general at Blizzard. But anyways, thanks for a quick respond and help! :)
I'm using Kaspersky Internet Security, and so my Windows Firewall is disabled. To my knowledge, the ports on Kaspersky are forwarded (any and all Blizzard related programs listed are trusted), but I don't know about Windows Firewall. Could that have something to do with my errors?
8.36 megabites last version of the firmware... My router is up to date. After waiting for 3 years, I was so elated to finally get the game....untill I tried to play! Not happy!

I have been trying to play since I bought the game yesterday. It did login the second time I tried. After that all I see is the screen where it said that it connected but is trying to authenticate. After about a minute or so I see a dialog that says lost connect error 3007. I can't even get logged in. I tried the trouble shooting steps above by connecting directly to my modem and disabling the windows firewall completely. I still see the same behavior. Any additional advise would be greatly appreciated.

05/17/2012 03:43 PMPosted by Velnrak
In the meantime, our developers, and network administrators are looking into the causes of Error 3007, and we will post updates as we get them.

Excellent. My connection has a small amount of packet loss, I presume others are the same and your client just needs to handle it a bit better.
Game refuse to work on my Mac. Played for two hours last night today can't even log on port forwarding did not work i paid for a game not a shelf warmer this needs to be fixed or i want a refund the problem isn't my router or my modem too many people are having this issue FIX IT
MY BIG THANKS ! finally you guys working on this
Thankyou Pedes I am trying all these things and rebooting to make sure
For me, putting my computer IP address in the DMZ (demilitarized zone) of my router seems to have fix the problem.
I tried port forwarding on a DIR 615 as that website suggested and It came back as a UDP Conflict. Please give us a proper way to fix this on a DIR-615
I am getting error 3007 all the time. It is not my router as all other games work fine with it.
haha now i need to know everything about pcs to play d3,mb to finish some informatic univercity to fix this alone ?
Well.. glad they finally sticky'd a blue response as it seemed to be getting pushed aside. See you all in general chat until this is figured out...
Glad I got the game free sort of by doing the annual pass on WOW. I was looking forward to playing a game that didn't require the net to play!!

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