gtx 590 and i7 2600k not running good!

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My fps are swinging from 27 to 139! And when Vsync is on it still drops and shoots up to 60! WTF! My laptop with gt555m is more consistent. Weird.
Do you have the latest nvidia drivers? They added a new feature called dynamic vsync, I would try disabling that, and a graphics card, to try to narrow down whats going on.
Head over to technical support and you'l see that a ton of people are having this problem. I can run fine usually around 40 fps on high settings, then suddenly I'll drop to 10 fps for no reason.

It's definitely a problem on Blizzard's end.
I'm using i7-2600k with 16GB DDR3, gtx590, w7 ultimate 64bit system, awsome graphic result on D3, all setting on high. Make sure you upgrade your NV graphic driver to v296, and don't try that latest beta, it was bugged.

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