Best Endgame weapon for a WD?

Witch Doctor
I am just curious, what is the absolute best weapon in the game is for a WD? I keep hearing Last Breath is but i am not so sure. I want the very best and don't really know what to go after at the auction house. any one have any ideas?
Whatever it is, it is most definitely not a named item.
05/20/2012 07:15 AMPosted by daemonJr
Whatever it is, it is most definitely not a named item.
yep, some random, high rolled blue / yellow will take the cake easily
Really, the best weapon is going to be the one that does the most damage and provides you with a sufficient mana regeneration bonus. It's not complicated. Since everything scales with weapon damage, damage is king. I would look for something like this:

high bonus to some elemental damage type
high % weapon damage bonus
high intelligence
high mana regeneration

Anything else is gravy. You don't really need to have a ton of attack speed modifiers unless you're using Vision Quest so you can actually take advantage of the increased attack speed without running yourself out of mana.

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