Is Arcane Dynamo bugged?

I can be shooting peeps with my signature spells and not gaining stacks. Known issue?
"you MAY gain stacks" as in the description.

I find magic missiles have a 100% (or close to 100%) proc chance.

you may also be grouped with people who do lots of party wide buffs (i was grouped with monk and paladin) and i had too many buffs on my bar, arcane dynamo was pushed off the list until i got less buffs (or when the monk stops spamming mantras, rofl).
Are you getting ANY stacks? It doesn't stack every hit, only on some hits. Dunno what the actual percentage is.
I'm getting a stack about every 8 or 9 hits, maybe less.
testing it now. I can auto attack a monster to death in act 3 hell, and maybe get 2 stacks if i'm lucky.
just auto attacked a purple mob and his squad and only got 4 stacks. I'd recommend they increase the odds of getting them.
what signature spells are you using? i noticed when i used electrocute (and any form of its runes), it was alot harder to get stacks, but when i used magic missiles i almost consistently get 5 stacks every 5 attacks.

I believe the signature spell you use has a huge impact on how often it procs.
Must be, I'm using electrocute as well, but the blast one that goes through all enemies.
Use the living lightning rune on the shock signature. Guarantee you that you'll get minimum 3 stacks with every shot (that actually hits a target). The lightning being hits targets about 10 times a second and each hit rolls a stack.
Living Lightning is amazing for fishing procs/crits. AMAZING.

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