Need confirmation: Rubies + Dual-wielding

Demon Hunter
If you dual-wield two crossbows, the damage between them is averaged out. Is the ruby damage added on after or before the average? If it's the former, that's fantastic for your output; if the latter, I can't really see the point in dual-wielding.
Before naturally, it just changes the base damage of the individual weapon.

Dual wielding gives you a 15% increase in attack speed, but the consensus is currently that it's not worth it compared to having a good quiver.
Are you positive? I've read elsewhere that it actually applied afterwards, which is why I thought trying it again would be a good idea. But if that's the case, then I already know everything I need to know about dual-wielding and it's just statistically never worth it. Which is disappointing, truly.
rubies dont add damage, emerald adds damage.
Rubies do add damage, in case of weapons. emerald adds dexterity on misc parts(dont know what it gives on weapons)
On weapons Emerald gives crit damage, as a percentage boost. Rubies give straight damage.
Damage isn't averaged out, you alternate shots with each 1h xbow.
05/22/2012 01:03 AMPosted by Raigart
rubies dont add damage, emerald adds damage.

Emeralds add damage to your critical strikes.

Rubies add flat damage to your weapon.

To answer your question, the damage of your Xbows are added together for your damage. Adding rubies to both of them would increase the damage from each shot.

Example: 2 crossbows, each with 20-50 damage

I add a ruby to both that increases the damage by 10-15

Without: I deal 40-100 damage per "tick" (assuming 100% weapon damage)

With: I deal 60-130 per "tick"

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