Demon Hunter OP!

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he says he has 5 stacks of NV, i only see 4. This is a fake.
Obvious spam is obvious
Noob team. Wonder what EG has to say about this.

>Implying the inferno butcher is difficult

Easier boss than skeleton king.
yeah we got it, smoke screen is a broken ability.

It's the only reason demon hunters can actually defeat inferno elites/champs rather easily compared to other classes.
It's a boring ability and actually butcher isnt the problem here, that guy could also be easily dealt with even if smoke screen got a 8 second cooldown or so.

it's more op against elites/champs cause you can immune yourself for a freaking long duration while destroying the enemy creep.
I don't see how that's op
its not op :P
Of course it isn't OP. He's link baiting a video he made whilst taking !@#$ hoots so that he can drive traffic and ad clicks to his "Pro Gaming" community.
Troll thread, let it be no more.
Demon Hunter is only OP because it is the ONLY class to be able to 2-hand AND off-hand.... not sure how Blizzard let that slide. Let me have my 2 hand staff of 700+ dps and a 150 int 44-112 off-hand and see how well we have it.
Edit: Medicate right when you started recording? I don't believe it lol. To each is their own though
I agree
05/22/2012 04:20 AMPosted by Malvric
This dude's an idiot. Trying to start his own eSports team and what does he do in his first video? Take a !@#$ hit, lol. I smoke too but that's just stupid. A pitiful cry for attention too.

I had to medicate man..

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