Monks can be viable! =D

To all those out there saying monks cant do inferno, you are wrong, i just changed up my skillset and my gear completely and can now quite easily tank for my Witch Doctor partner i am playing with. So to all those out there that want to play inferno monk, keep at it and dont give up, also if you want i can post my stats and spec and give a brief explanation to my strat.
Do it bro. I want to see if what Im using now is similar.
Post away! Stats, setup, etc. Inquiring minds want to know.

*I'm only level 40 on my monk b/c I've been playing other classes, but am intrigued to play him in Inferno.
Ok give me a bit to do some inferno stuff with my mate cos we are finally making progression then i will post everything up for you guys =)
OK so this is the build i am running!XUY!ZbYaZY
My stats are as follows:
damage - 5800 (kind of low as i am still finding some pieces i need)
block - 10% ( yes im using a shield it is mandatory for inferno i believe)
dodge - 24.6%
armor - 4055
resistance (everyhing, this includes physical and is your most important stat) - 51.4%
health - 39,313 (i am considering dropping some for more dexterity)

This build is completely made around the passive ability One With Everything and you will have to pick one type of resistance and stack it and only along with resistance to all if you can find it.

Basically all i do is use cyclone strike to keep the mobs where i want them and away from my witch doctory buddy so he can rain firey hell upon them, your heals are designed for you and only you, your partner should not rely on them and should soley focus on slowing mobs and nuking them down. Every time you use cyclone strike you gain 20% dodge for 3 seconds, and every time you use your spirit builder (fists of thunder) you gain 16% dodge for 2 seconds, thus bringing your dodge up to a respectable level. I find blinding flash amazing and with it specced to make elites miss 60% of the time it is too good to pass up, couple all this mitigation with serenty to escape, boon of protection and breath of heaven and you should be able to heal through most situations and kite long enough to regen your spirit and continue healing and placing the mobs where you want them with cyclone strike.

Im not saying this build is perfect but i find it very good for me and my partner and the play style we have together. So if you see something youd like to change in your own spec feel free to do some and let me know how it goes =).
I hope most of this makes sense and if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Clearly you aren't in inferno Act 2. You can't yet determine if they are viable or not.
Your WD must be pushing some serious dps for you to roll against 4 trait mobs in inferno with those stats.
Yes he is rocking some serious dps, which is my he is at only 15k health.
monk has no problems in a group...

Even two monks group is easier than soloing.

I see your dps is low. You need 10k for act2.
My dps is very low yes as i stated its not what i want it to be, i am working on gearing up more as i am far from what i want yet, but with limited gold and time i am doing my best and progressing through inferno when others are re rolling and giving up completely.
The ones who say that builds aren't viable or that they suck: Post yours, I would love to see what the ppl posting their builds are doing wrong compared to the perfectly geared and runed masters that apparently KNOW wtf they're doing, but refuse to post what the have.

Rage done.
How do you generate enough spirit to make Boon of protection viable without quickening? With using cyclone strike and healing yourself i don't see how you can recast the boon shield often enough.

Wouldnt it be better to use the +20% all resistances rune instead?
with the resistances i have i can take a fair bit of a beating but i will try it out, remember that this is not my primary heal, breath of heaven is there for that as well as potions which should never be underestimated, i am also kiting alot and only really going in to take damage when i need to repostion them or pull them off my WD so yeah.!UXZ!ZYaccb

I tried to go for more of a Debuffer, to give my teammates and myself less damage to deal with. Its a bit different than my tank build, which includes the armor passive.
Monks are def viable solo and groups. I currently feel safer rolling by just myself. I can kite, use choke points, and use my skills accordingly to do just fine in act 1. But it seems to be a reaccuring theme to get as much resistance as possible. I have good stats on everything else except resistance. I agree with Rogurt, monks are def viable, it will just take longer to get where some other classes are. A safe bet for act 2, (i think, no expert or elitist) would be to roll about 50K hp, at least 30% dodge (possibly more based on abilties you use), have at least 9-10k dmg with a quick attack speed 1.5-1.7 (spirit regen), a decent shield, at least 7-8k armor for roughly 70% dmg reduction... im no expert, but im doing fine solo'n right now. It really is and always will be about farming in diablo.

If you wish to play your monk differently i dont blame you, i wanted to roll DPS monk when i started, but i have accepted my roll as a monkadin and its fun for me. Im experimenting with no shield, my reasons why is cause the block chance on most shield is so low, and it only blocks a few thousands of dmg, which is nothing when taking hits from elites or mobs. But, dualwielding is not necesarily good dmg either. It may be good to switch a passive trait for 'guardians path' to get that 15% extra dodge while dual wielding.

Game hasnt been out for a month, its gonna take time to create a godlike monk. GL gentlemen.
This is essentailly how I got through inferno act 1 with my witch doctor friend but even with 50% more armor than you and 500 resists 50k hp I can't tank act 2 for him. If it works for you there please let us know good luck brother.
I will make another forum similar when i am in act two after i have farmed some gear posting my stats and porgression and let you ll know what i think and what i have changed.
Rogurt, I'm glad you are happy being a tankbot spamming a few same button to keep yourself alive while your wd friend enjoy killing. :)
lol fk tanking in inferno~don't give a fk abt my resistance or hp lol~ just found a sick build that boost ma dps by !@#$ ton lol~

pop serenity -> burst down one or two elite -> kite around or maybe die -> back to step one

if you are near a portal that's even better pop serenity and kill one-> go in the portal ->wait for cd -> go bak and kill the rest

this loop let me faceroll act2 np~ just not belial lol

highest dps:
That's exactly how I'm rolling right now, everyone think you need to tank as a Monk. Truth is elites don't give a crap what your dodge is or element res, they will destroy you unless you destroy them.

The trick is you have to focus just one down, probably die, then repeat.

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