Has anyone in the world beat Inferno HC?

It seems imossible. You have to use some kind of exploit to beat it in HC.
Not even close. EU server is on Act1 Inferno. Americas are still on act4 Hell.
how can you tell what progress has been made?
wondering how u know how the progress is going....
I've been following this dude, he's an American that's playing HC in Act 1 of inferno:


Demon Hunter
Remember these days?

Remember these days?


yes I remenber as I playing sc and hearing people screaming inferno was pretty much impossible to beat for non-abuser when i did it on my wizard before the nerf and without any exploit using vendor gear.And yes i did it after the force armor nerf.
All these old posters quit about 2000-3000 elites into SC

What an odd community. People get all jazzed up about a game, no life it for a month then never ever ever look at it again
The real question is: who hasnt beaten HC inferno yet? It's not as hard as it use to be.
Flavor of the month? Wish some of those guys stuck around to be honest
if u wanna relive these days, its called monster power
11/16/2012 05:22 PMPosted by brenzA
if u wanna relive these days, its called monster power
Except for some bosses because enrage timer.

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