Dialogue bug report Act 4, spoils game

Bug Report
Hey Blizz, when I was playing Act 4 for the second time and I had to find the hell rifts I went to the area where the later portal was that you had to take to move on in the game. When I went in the area there I couldnt use the portal since I still had to close 1 of the hell rifts to move on, but a piece of dialogue slipped from the Templar that could possibly ruin a little of the game for some people playing for the first time.

The Templar said something like, "im glad Tyreal is back with us"

This was before Tyreal actually rejoins your group soooo not really sure why it came out of the templars mouth since Tyreal's self realization didnt happen yet.
Tyreal's self realization happens after you kill the butcher in act I and give him his sword back
maybe it's just an issue with timing, does he say it during act1? If not then yes it is a spoiler for tyreal coming back in act4 after he doubts you
No its act 4, remember how hes all like "I give up, !@#$ the world...Diablo wins"

Then he comes back to help you later in Act 4? The templar said something earlier than he should have which could possibly spoil content.

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