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Demon Hunter
Hi guys. Just wondering. Is there any way to use your main attack, the one that you bind to your LMB, in a way that it doesn't require a target, you just shoot in a certain direction? Like a press-to-hold button with this purpose? Thanks.
Hold the shift key and left click to force the use of whatever skill you have there. Very nice with Hungering Arrow, for instance, since you can just shift click in the general direction of enemies and it will seek its own target.

You can also turn on elective mode in the game's option screen, which allows you to put any skill on any button you like, with the only restriction being that you can't put skills that don't require a target to use on left click (since that would conflict with using left click to move.) This option makes it far easier to customize your character to your playstyle, as you can do things such as use two different defensive skills, or move your primary skill to your right mouse button.
Im using elective ofc, it's just easier to have ur main attack on LMB.

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