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Me my brother and my friend were playing threw the game got to act 2 about 1/3 of the way threw everything was fine and then his acct status randomly changed from standered edition to starter edition for no aparent reason and now he cant play and it locked his char plz help this is important.... just wanna play the game
I have the same... And i can't upgrade unless i pay again which i wont do...
Yup, got the same problem, mid way in Act 2 also.
Same problem here
Same problem as well - and account services via the phone is full and won't let you call them... and tech support too...
Not very enthusiastic about Blizzard right now.
Same thing over here: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/5149144970

Same problem as well - and account services via the phone is full and won't let you call them... and tech support too...
Not very enthusiastic about Blizzard right now.

I've been on hold for 82 minutes and counting now.
having the same issue, but i was only halfway through act 1... oh well i am sure it will be fixed within a couple days at most. no need to fret, we still have another 12 years of diablo 3 to play right.
Well it said my estimated wait time was 99 minutes - but I think that's because it simply can't report anything higher than 99 minutes.
Same problem here - paid the Standard Edition of $59.99.

Played the game for about an hour - got D/C - came back and account was all of a sudden "Starter Edition" asking me to pay another $59.99 :(

Checked the Credit Card and the payment was there :(

Please Fix FAST Blizzard !
Did all of you guys buy the digital copy from blizz store? Because I got the exact same problem but I bought a physical retail store copy of the collectors edition and have the box standing right here on my desk. played for about 6 hours, got to act 2. next day my account status was changed to starter edition. however at the "product level" it shows "Diablo 3 Collectors Edition".
Thanks a lot for this info guys, I've escalated it.
05/17/2012 03:41 PMPosted by Vasadan
Thanks a lot for this info guys, I've escalated it.

Thank you. You are the first Blizzard person of any kind i've seen even address this issue.
E-mail sent on 05-14-12


Thank you for making a purchase from Blizzard Entertainment.

Diablo III: Digital Version (Pre-Purchase)

The digital game(s) you purchased are now attached to your Battle.net account. Please check your Diablo III Dashboard to find out when and how you can download the game client.

I downloaded and played without an issue till the maintenance on 05-15-12

E-mail sent on 05-15-12


This notice is being sent to inform you that we were unable to successfully complete your recent purchase on the Blizzard Store. The charge for that item on your order was not finalized.

Since we could not fully authorize this item’s purchase, it has now been deactivated. If it was applied to a play account, it will no longer appear, and the account will be left in the state it was in previously.

For any questions about Blizzard orders or your Blizzard Account, please find the contact information for our Blizzard Billing and Account Services department at http://us.battle.net/support/en/article/contact

We thank you for your patronage and your patience in this matter.


Customer Service Blizzard Entertainment http://us.battle.net/en/
Update: Just got hung up on after 1 hour 45 minutes on hold.
update this trouble is solve now for me
Yeah, I am also affected by this issue. Bought the game online and after 26 levels, site went down for maintenance. Upon my return, I found that my account was "downgraded" (or how ever you want to call it) to the "Starter Edition". Now the game does not allow me to log in with my char, cause he is too high level.

I hope to get at least some sort of update on the issue so that we can be aware of what is going on.

Best regards,
I am having the same problem with my account. Can you escalate my request as well?

Either that or you can give me my $60 back and I'll go give it to a company that actually wants my money.
Im currently effected by this issue. Any fix for this?
Got the same Problem yesterday, and opened a Ticked. First one to answer assured me, that everything with my Account was allright and closed it again...
Yea... right... my Producttype is still Diablo® III Collector’s Edition but by Accountstatus is Starter Edition... Still waiting for the next Supporter to answer... That was a great weekend playing D3...NOT!
having the same issue it is really frustrating to plsy the game through act 2 to find you have been downgraded to starter edition after paying for full version! especially after waiting 12years!!

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