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Demon Hunter
I've been reading the threads and the term "kiting" was mentioned a lot. What is kiting? Is it a way to lure creeps?

Sorry for the newbie question.

Pretty much you attack at distance and don't let the enemy hit you through some combination of slowing them down and running around; i.e. wear them down without letting them touch you.
Orb walking, Rape training, Stutter stepping...

All same thing.
Just to expand on the explanations above, kiting is a common colloquialism among gamers that refers to a tactic where you put time and space between you and your enemies by moving away from them in the same direction as they are moving towards you as if you had them on a string hence the expression, "kiting."

As others have said the strategy is enhanced by snaring and movement effects like caltrops, tumbling, evasive fire, and strafe. Basically anything that puts you further away from your enemies or makes it more difficult for them to reach you.

It is definitely something that you will want to learn to do as a DH.

Hope this helps. Happy hunting!

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