Nice Borderlands Reference, Blizzard

Items and Crafting

Nice to see shout-outs between developers going full circle here.
WOW, I'm so happy everyone is discovering all the coolness....meanwhile I'll be trolling the forums for the next.....5.34 hours......My morals and ethics wont allow me to call in any vacation time...

Nice lil easter egg you found there. Still play Boarderlands! ;)
Well done. I'm a fan of both games, so I like that. Hopefully there are more.
So awesome. Glad to see this nod the hat to other games. Good sportsmanship!
Dam, how did you pick up on that? I don't think I would have and I beat Borderlands like 5 times... nice catch.
That is so much win! Thank you OP for sharing! Love both games.
For those here who are also trying to get The Clipper, this weapon drops from a rare mini-boss called Nine Toads (once again, nice shout out), that randomly appears with its own special terrain tile in Desolate Sands. I've tried combing the region thrice last night but wasn't able to find him anymore. Nine Toads is a giant frog. You'll spot him amongst several smaller 'doodad' frogs you can't kill.

And, in a slight wave of personal stupidity, I accidentally salvaged my own Clipper. :/
I also noticed one of the achievements is called "Legacy of Cain" a reference to a game that came out a few years back...
There's also an achievement called "Gotta Catch 'Em All". I don't think I'll discuss what that alludes to though.
There are a TON of references to other games, movies, books, pop culture, etc. in d3 and other blizzard games. many are obscure so its almost impossible to catch all of them
Anyone seen, "Kulle Story Bro" ?
Anyone see the reference to breaking bad?
did u mention that nine toads despawns into nine tiny blueish-pink little toads roaming around till they disappear? ;-)
Just like to say, its dropped by some called Nine Toads, lord of the borderlands

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