Start Menu Won't load

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Whenever I try to start the game everything seems fine, music starts, but then I just get stuck in a blackscreen with the music playing, the start menu never loads. The game doesn't crash and a simple 'Esc' will get me back to my Desktop.

I have Nvidia GT 540 with updated drivers so I don't think that's the problem. I've tried Administrator mode with no luck.

Any ideas?
Same problem here. Any help would be great. Come on community!!
I am having the same problem - with the exception of sound. I'm not getting that. I press play and it stops on a black screen.

I have a Mac... But if anyone suggests that's my problem I'll probably go ape. =]
Just kidding - found my problem. I need a new graphics card... Eff my life.
Heard McAffe can effect it, so I uninstalled that, still no luck. Tried adding -opengl to the end of the target field to see if it's a Directx problem but nothing.

Please help

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