Error 3007 ( Blizzards ignoring us all )

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24 hours since the rampant disconnects / booting / 3007 errors galore have plagued us and not a single response or attempt to patch / fix.
Error 3007 is unlikely related to any game service issues, and is something we'll need to troubleshoot with individuals experiencing it. For that reason I recommend visiting the technical support forum, where there have been a number of threads and replies where our customer services representatives are attempting to help people resolve them.
telling me to join general chat hasn't worked nor has it for 80% of other users.

furthermore this issue was not happening on release day, therefore you're saying that thousands of players changed something on their PC's that caused this?

Blizzard changed something when they took the server down - that is what caused this.
i get booted every 3min or so what the hell is going on
05/16/2012 09:01 PMPosted by Naekyr
Blizzard changed something when they took the server down - that is what caused this.

Except that I have never had this issue, nor any other issue while attempting to play. If this was server side, i would expect more of the comminuty to be effected.
Ya this Error3007 blows!!!
I just stared getting this error today only. Blizzard, you are the one that needs to fix something on your side. You guys are above this. Come on now.
I have zero problems staying connected.
I cant even log in right now says error 3003 any ideas how to get back on this happens almost every day.
what about error 3005???? i have yet to even be able to log into the game yet!?!?! blizz plz respond
I have had zero problems when the servers are up installed great runs butter smooth no errors. Game is great!
Wait? This has been happening to thousands of people and it's our fault??

I pay for something I expect it to work maybe at 53 years of age I am asking too much of Blizzard.3007 should not happen.We have all been waiting years and blizzard still cant get it right!!! Brother Laz I am comming back to your Meridian Game until these clowns get it right
05/16/2012 09:20 PMPosted by Scarred
I just stared getting this error today only. Blizzard, you are the one that needs to fix something on your side. You guys are above this. Come on now.

Same I wasn't having any problems before.
But, but ,but whats error 3003 any one know
error 3007. getting booted every 3 - 4 minutes. very irritating. add my account to the list of people having issues.
I keep getting disconnected in the desolate sands, and start again in the vault of assassins -- where I was when servers were taken down initially today. Now no matter where i actually log out (Hidden Camp, etc) I log back in inside the vault of assassins. Desolate sands is once again completely covered in fog of war, and I get to do it all over again.

Even if i log off before being disconnected, I reappear in the vault of assassins every single time. Quite annoying.
I just bought the game and installed it......And ive been trying to log in for the past half an hour....tried changing name....and password on assuming somethings
Here's my situation:

I've been having error 3007 every ~5m since this morning. It was fine all day yesterday, only today has it been an issue.

I am normally behind a router. Since the problems started this morning, I have forwarded the ports on your troubleshooting page, completely removed my router (direct connect to modem without any software firewall), reinstalled Diablo 3, deleted my programdata folder for Bnet, joined general chat, and powercycled everything countless times.

Now my connection integrity is perfectly fine. It was fine yesterday in D3, it's been fine in WoW and SC2, I always have a looped ping to Google in the background and have had no timeouts at all today. For whatever reason, since this morning I've been unable to play for more than a few mins at a time without getting kicked back to the character screen.

Oh and FYI there are some noticable trends in the DC's. They FREQUENTLY happen immediately when my character gets Frozen by a Frozen Rare/Champion and when I get snared in other ways (such as the casters near the end of act 2).

I mean, if you actually take the time to read what I've typed out here, and if you believe everything I've said, I don't see how anyone could ever claim it's on my end, or even my ISP's end. I've troubleshooted everything there is to troubleshoot and most importantly, IT WAS FINE YESTERDAY. Please Blizzard, stop pushing the blame on your customers and fix your problems.


P.S. I love your game when I get to play it for more than 2 minutes! :)
yea i was getting this same error all last night and for a little while today, i tired joining general chat and that seemed to work out for me. have had a dc sence.

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