Bash or Frenzy?

For 2 Handed
dps at full frenzy always beat bash, but bash can stun lock with a fast enough atk spd. If you don't need the added defense of stun then go frenzy and watch your dps soar.
Here's what I've noticed while playing my barbarian.

When I'm soloing I'd prefer Frenzy, because it beats Bash in damage and can be used to self heal with Triumph rune.

When in a party I'd prefer Bash with Onslaught rune, because with the extra dps in a party it's harder to keep frenzy up; most of the time the fight is over before I could really enjoy the stacked frenzy effect. Maybe if they extended the frenzy effect duration from what it is, like what 4 seconds?
I either Frenzy with Duel Wield or Cleave with a 2Her. And sometimes Frenzy with 2H for the lols. Take in mind im still in Normals... soo pretty much anything seems to work.
I agree with chuck in this case...I've been experimenting with frezy and bash w/ onslaught...and bash has become my staple. Everytime I switch to frenzy I feel it takes too long to get the ball rolling to the point of max DPS.

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