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So I am going to be getting Diablo3: The Order. No Question. However I am having a hard time choosing between buying the eBook version for my Kindle(V.1) or the Hardcover edition. I am leaning toward the eBook version, Simply for the sake of convenience. However I do not know how graphicly intense this book is?

Can I get some opinions from owners of both? eBooks users, are you happy? Hardcover users, is there heavy imagry (like the book of Cain)? Do either users regret their purchase (mainly eBook purchasers wishing they chose hardcover?)

I know this is obviously a question based upon opinions of indivduals who have differing tastes. For a Point of reference; I felt the Book of Cain is the type of book I would want in Hard copy due to the heavy graphics. Where as the Sin War books I have in eBook since there is literally no graphics to speak of.

Any thoughts and input would be appreciated.
I get all my books hardcover, I'm not into the digital reader stuff yet. It may be convenient and all but IMO nothing beats a real book. Besides, I like my J.R.R. Tolkien collection :)
I got the kindle version, a very interesting novel if you want an in-depth view of the Diablo Universe. Its informative, mostly concerning the stories and characters in Diablo 1, and a perfect introduction before playing Diablo 3. A good read.
Just a quick revive of this thread. I too am thinking of a purchase. Any other "reviews" of the book?

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