60 DH Act 2 Inferno

Demon Hunter
I personally love Hungering Arrow cause with the added % chance to pierce each bolt does something like 220% damage (after the math). I am in act 2 of inferno right now. I'll post my spec soon, but I basically do Hunger arrow with pierce and Elemental Arrow with Neither Tentacles. Then normal survival stuff (SS, Prep, Caltrops with root)
I just beat Belial a few minutes ago on Inferno solo. All I can say about it is good luck, it took me several hours and easily 100+ attempts to do and I just barely got it. My current stats are 66k hp and 32k dps (with sharpshooter on). The second phase is half insane burst dps and half luck. You need to stay far to one side and pray he doesn't spawn all three adds on that side or you're screwed. In third phase you'll probably need some kind of +discipline gear as well. I found that with 30 I didn't have enough smoke screens to dodge all of his swings (which hit for 115k) and breath (which hits for 80k).
Thanks for this post....this build is just exponentially great in Hell, tearing thru !@#$ like its nothing...bosses...erlites...magical, u name it.
if you stick close to the right side of the circle you can avoid the breaths without using a smoke screen on them. i usual put vault with acrobat on for just for that.
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Puncture is the best hungering glyph for single target.

You absolutely sure about that?

I'm still perplexed as to how people are using multishot. You have crap DPS after your 5 multishots are used and zero hatred.

Because they're still in normal.
Yea i went back to this http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/demon-hunter#aRXjZV!YeT!aZZYcY and am simply sailing now. Been farming act 1 for most of the day cant wait to start act 2 inferno tomorrow. :) thanks for all the info people think we all got something from this but still gonna follow this thread :)
Seems like the AOE damage is fairly awful; I'm not sure how you deal with large packs effectively. I'd swap out Rain of Vengeance for Multishot with Fire at Will or Elemental Arrow with Nether Tentacles. Otherwise, seems solid: I'm guessing you're stacking crit; if not, you should [Grievous Wounds].

Question for you though: Does Marked for Death with hatred regen rune offer 3 Hatred EVERY time the Hungering Arrow hits the target? If so, you may want to consider Puncturing Arrow, as you'll probably see higher single-target DPS from more Impales (seeing as Devouring is only ~19% more WD on average than Puncturing).

For comparison's sake, I'm just about to finish Act 1 Inferno, and I'm rolling with:

The only thing in my build that I'm uncertain of and swap every once in a while is Multishot for Elemental Arrow, and trying out the feel of Perfectionist in place of Sharpshooter.

Ive been using this exact build, but looking at dropping Vault when im in groups for marked for death or caltrops.

Otherwise i tend to alternate between hungering arrow and bola.
I really dont like bola :(

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