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I have a ring that says 3-6 Damage.
How does this work ? (regarding mechanics)

I noticed it buffs my damage alot.

Why cant i search more items like this one in the Auction house?

05/19/2012 03:11 PMPosted by bertolo
Why cant i search more items like this one in the Auction house?
this one bugs me as well
It is simple actually ;)

Every class has a base stat which increases their WEAPON DAMAGE by a X%, where X is amount of points in that stat. So for example, wizard with 50 INT has +50% weapon damage - or 150% weapon damage.

Then, say you have a skill which deals 200% weapon damage, and a weapon with 6-10 base damage - which is damage dealt on one hit, not damage dealt per second.

With 0 int, you would deal (6-10)*200% => 12-20 damage with that skill.
With that assumed 50 int, you would deal:

First, int boost:
(6-10) * 150% (because you start with 100 and add 50 to it) => 9-15
And then, skill boost:
(9-15) * 200 => 18-30 damage.

That ring you have adds 3-6 to base damage. So instead of dealing 6-10 damage blows, now the weapon deals 9-16.

Look what happens...
int: (9-16) * 150% => 13-24 (ok, it could be 14, too ;p)
skill: (13-24) * 200% => 26-48 damage.

So as you see, that 18-30 got upped to 26-48 just by adding 3-6 ;]

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