Character and Map woes

Bug Report
I logged into find my characters equipment, gold and, stash gone. At first I thought I had been hacked except my account password was not changed and also a lot more of the campaign had been done then where I was at last night except my character is the same level at the same point on the experience bar as he was yesterday. On top of all this the parts of the map that I have explore have all reverted back to unexplored.
I just had something similar happen. Logged out last night after posting a couple things on the AH. Came back this morning, all equipped character gear, gold, and items in the first tab of the stash (minus gems) were missing. I was also back on normal mode at the start of Act 1 instead of where I logged out in the middle of Act 1 on nightmare. I know I wasn't hacked because I still had my whole second stash page full of rares/legendary item(s) and none of my account information had been changed. Im assuming its a glitch of some sort.

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