Need advice - lvl30 Monk


Just wonderin what's a "normal" dps rating around the lvl30.

I'm at 250dps right now... Feeling pretty gimp

Going to need a bit more than that to help you. Are you dual wielding, 2h, 1h+shield? What's your dex sitting at right now? Does your weapon(s) have ruby gems in them yet?
dual wielding lvl26ish rare talons, 450 dex atm. Both weapons are gemmed with emeralds
My character is level 33 at 580dps.

The main thing to stack is Dex,Vitality,Attackspeed,movement speed. The highest possible dps weapons with dex stats and a ruby greatly enhance dmg.
hmm i dont understand what I'm missing.. I don't have crappy items and I'm pretty much stacking dex vita..
You need ruby gems in your weapons for the extra atk damage. You only get dex from emeralds in armor items, excluding the helm. Also for dual wielding, your dps suffers is one is far greater than the other. You need both weapons to be within the same ballpark as one another two 50 dps weapons are better than a 60 and 40 even if you are thinking they both add up to 100.
ok.. and.. a build for that level?
Depends on what you want to do. Are you purely offensive? Looking to be more tanky? Do you try to stand in and fight or kite things around while moving in to attack before ducking back out?
im purely offensive and something grouping with a wizz or barb, so need to have a 2nd support build ready to roll.
Im lvl 31 right now, 520 dex, no gems. The more dex you have off the better, trust me. Dont worry too much about vit imo, because you can always leech the eff out of everything lol
Related question: my dps is pretty low for a level 32 monk, partly because I have a decent vitality score and an unintentionally good intelligence score. I just picked up a rare socketed shuko with some pretty decent stats in it, but I put a flawless amethyst in it to gain back some of the life/hit from my previous shuko. Is it worth removing the flawless amethyst to add a regular ruby (I don't have a flawless ruby).
Any hints on builds??
My 33 monk was at around 450 damage at 33, I was built pure tanking and didnt have a problem

I'm now 44 and still dodge tanking NM without issues. In act 3 now and actually got a 103 monster kill combo. I basically build like I would my DK in wow. Dex/vitality on everything. Aim for damage rings/amulet, high damage daggers with vitality/AS/On hit life and a socket and put in on hit life in the socket. NM is really easy mode at the moment for me
Yes. If you're trying to dps and you don't have rubies in your weps, you're doing it wrong.
im doing a 700 dps and im lvl 35 monk just find good dex vit items and atk trinkets and go for dual weild for more stats and faster damage :)
Level 33 700 or so dex monk, take advantage of the auction house.

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