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During the maintenance days after the game's initial release, my achievements were reset twice. I've been able to re-earn nearly all of them by simply starting a second character, however at least one of them I'm unable to get because I've already upgraded the blacksmith, and even though I haven't maxed him out yet, it will not give me the "Steeling with Feeling" achievement. I realize something like this is low on the to do list, so I figured I'd post it here just in case anyone else was having the same issue.
iv the same problem here with that achiement were u also able to re read the books on ur new char cas i had a bug were the achiements were not working and i did the cathedral and read the books but they were not added to my achiements i went back to see if i could read them again but all i get is gold
You should be able to get those books again by starting and playing a second character I believe. I haven't fully confirmed this, but the level 10 and 20 achievements that I had reset on my were gotten again on a second character. I'd imagine the same goes for those books and other one-time only events like the narratives about monsters and such.

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