Inferno for melee, or am I doing it wrong?

So I feel like I am a pretty good gamer. I raided BC back in wow (up to sunwell and and such), played arenas up to 2300, play LoL at a decent rating (1600), and I have played many really really difficult games and enjoyed them.
The reason I said all that is to describe my skillset a bit. I know how to dodge fire, I can adapt to my enemies, and I can micro fairly well for kiting. Right now my monk has 3.9k armor, 7550 damage, 81/66/93/100/66/66 resists, and 30% dodge chance (base, no mantra).
This is my build as well!YXZ!caaaab
I can't seem to do anything against rare mobs (aside from the gimp ones that hit like teddy bears). I've tried kiting, but I always end up getting insta-gibbed by some ridiculous combo.
What am I supposed to do to be able to stand a decent chance in inferno? Is there some technique I'm not currently aware of for killing elite packs? Is my gear just not good enough yet? If so I will go back to Hell right now and farm for better gear, but I really don't feel like that is the issue. Is my build wrong?
Please inform me. I will accept any constructive criticism.

Edit: I have 33k hp
whats with all your random resists? stack up on one of them, then use One for All passive buff.
Melee is punished in this game. Inferno+ makes it so most elite pack effects will kill you easily, but ranged don't need to worry nearly as much about them. Many things like desecrator and plague are unavoidable for the first hit of damage and will drop half your health in that hit. Some monsters also have attack animations that are meant to be avoided, but don't give enough time for melee to get out of range, even with good reaction time. Top this off with Act II+ mobs hitting for 10k or more with normal swings and you quickly realize that as melee you have so much more to deal with than the ranged characters, but with no real benefit.
My random resists are just from gear that I've found. A couple of things have +all resists and a few others have +one resist.
so you are complaining about gear you found? You say you are a great gamer and you dont have elite gear. Your in Inferno stop whinging and get better!

Your dodge % is way way way 2 low, health is very very low! Im lvl 55 with 32k health and 4.1k dps with lowish end gear.

Simply put get better gear use one with everything passive skill and like the above comment states stack one lvl or resis and make sure it has lite others stats on each items.

Use Fot lightening flash for extra dodge.

if you dont want to use this use evasion mantra
Melee just isn't viable for inferno right now (barbs and monks both), no amount of gear will change that. Wait for a patch, hopefully Blizzard gets a clue.
Fizzik simply get better stop trashing melee. Why do you log onto twitchtv and see plenty of high end melee guys dishing out and tanking for 4 man groups?

Simply put stop whinging and get better!
Because 4 man groups have wizards and demon hunters cleaning everything up while the melee goes pure tank and cant kill a fly. I'm talking about solo Inferno, where you can't depend on a stronger class to clear everything for you. Get better and roll wizard, or wait for patch.
Taross, as you said you're a lvl 55 monk so you've never been to inferno using that class. Experience it first before you go mouthing off telling people to get better.

The people you refer to as "high end" is exactly that, top end elite players. If everyone was as good as them then the curve would be pretty jacked up. Yes you're right, it can be done with a monk, but it's definitely a lot easier to do it as a wiz/DH.

Having the enjoyable part of the game accessible to only a very elite few monk players is what a lot of above average gamers are complaining about.

That being said watching a video of them destroying inferno mode is one thing, you going in there yourself and mimicking what they're doing is another story entirely.
Then what is the point of inferno at all? do you expect it to be just a simple walk in the park? I have 2 lvl 60 chars already and probs have more gold on 1 char then u do in all of your accounts!

Stay in hell and stop !@#$%ing because simply put you dont deserve it by ur attitude and whinging

I have a lvl 55 char with better stats then urs and u tell me to stop mouthing off. Wow that makes u look so so bad lol nerd rage

U want me to give u some money to afford better gear?
probs have more gold on 1 char then u do in all of your accounts!?

Gold is shared between characters. If you had more than 1 character, you'd know this.
how do u have 33k hp? im 53 with 39k hp....
probs have more gold on 1 char then u do in all of your accounts!?

Gold is shared between characters. If you had more than 1 character, you'd know this.

The fact that every single person on this thread (including myself) disagrees with you Taross, i think its clear diablo 3 has found its first troll. Contradicitng yourself time and time again, talking rubbish. Hes exactly right. OK, great so we can heal, over and over again. But it just doesnt matter, u get hit twice and your dead, sometimes once even. We seem to lack many great skills that every other class has. We are slow, we certainly cant tank, and we have the lowest DPS out of any of the classes (or so ive found). Im walking around with a 750 damage weapon, meet a dh or a wizard with some crappy 400damage item with twice my dps. with stuns, slows, much higher resistance, the same HP. none of it makes any sense
05/20/2012 09:02 PMPosted by Niteflyer
how do u have 33k hp? im 53 with 39k hp....

I find that really, really, really, really hard to believe. I'm 56 with 28k HP (and having no real difficulty so far, and I do have quite a bit of vitality on my gear).

You're either full of it or have zero damage.
Your stats are low.. go farm hell more... try to get 50k hp and 250+ resist, then come back and try inferno. I can smash everything in act 1 and stand molton/arcane/poison and tank them with my face. Act 2 I can tank all the white mobs and kill the bosses.. some yellow packs still mess me up.. so I'm still farming my butt off until I can smash act 2. Here are my stats:

29.5% dodge
62714k health
58.97% reduction from armor
22.24% melee damage reduction
5840.17 damage

The grind in this game is getting gear.. so don't expect much quickly and you wont be disappointed.
05/20/2012 08:57 PMPosted by Kami
probs have more gold on 1 char then u do in all of your accounts!?

Gold is shared between characters. If you had more than 1 character, you'd know this.


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