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Hi all! My name is Katabasis and I have an open, free teamspeak with a max capacity of 150. We have dozens in it throughout the day already and are always looking for more chill, mature gamers. While the community and teamspeak are open to all, many of us are exclusive hardcore players who are learning content solely through HC mode.

The general purpose of the teamspeak and community is to allow people to find new friends, trade, and hang out while playing d3. I personally stream HC daily and have been streaming a dead is dead ruleset for many games for the past several months. Currently I have a 36 barb in nightmare act 1. We have players ranging from hardcore gamers to super casual. We have a few HC lvl 50+ who have proven themselves to be very generous as well as many mid 30s and lowbies.

The rules are simple and posted on my twitch page at www.twitch.tv/Katabasis and the teamspeak is open and free for anyone over 18. Feel free to invite guildies, RL friends, and people you meet ingame. Just make sure you direct them to the posted rules. To find out login info and rules check the above website. I get no money from these links so pease don't assume I am advertising, just wanting to have fun with a good group of people

Www.youtube.com/katabasisgamer to see my launch day death lol.

Hoping many of you see the value in using teamspeak for HC and having more cool people join our community.
Watch this man; be amazed by his beard; be enthralled by his community of veiwers; then fall in love with a man that actually cares about his veiwers.
I've been watching kata stream for probably about a year now, and I really enjoy the community. Having never played Diablo at all, I decided to get it on Friday, just so I could play with Kata's viewers and in his teamspeak. If you're one of the many people who really enjoy Diablo, but don't have a lot of cool people to play with, and are tired of getting paired up with people who AFK in town and refuse to talk, this community is really good, really funny, and really helpful and nice. I don't think you'll be disappointed, and if you don't end up being a good fit, you haven't lost anything by giving us a try!
Depending on how you want to interact, the lobby (default channel) will bring you into the broadcasting group, so people on the stream can hear you. You can create new channels for a more private experience, for example, you might want to speak only with 4 people directly in your party, in which case a seperate channel is best. There are also trade and group finding channels available if you're looking to do that. Teamspeak has an interface that is tree based kind of like any file explorer for Windows/OSX/Linux so you can explore the existing channels to find one that may be more to your liking.

Keep in mind I haven't been in the lobby for a bit, so they may have moved the "broadcasting" channel from the lobby to another location in the last few days that I haven't been on. My suggestion is just to hop into the twitch channel and ask for help there, as you'll have people to walk you through joining or creating anything you'd like, and they'll have a better grasp than I do on the most current setup and rules.
Just wanted to clarify on what wharris said.

Most of the time, Katabasis and those he are playing with stick to the main lobby (which is completely open). The broadcasting channel (which is password protected) is only used for certain occasions where the group needs to focus and/or communicate with each other without being interrupted. This does happen sometimes, since Kata (and, by extension, those he is playing with) only plays in hardcore. And, just to clarify, you do not have to play hardcore to use the teamspeak. The teamspeak is open for anyone that wishes to use it, so long as Kata's stream is open while he is streaming.

And, in regards to channels, only server administrators have the ability to create new channels. If there is ever a need to create a new channel, however, one of us is almost always on, and it will only take us a second to do.

Make sure to follow!
Thanks for clarifying those things guys. Also thanks for the compliments. I really think that the in order to have the most fun, you need to have a strong social connection in a game. I believe d3 lacks some core feature in this department. Since we are not a guild/clan, we are able to cater to many play styles, time zones, languages, etc.

As the community grows I will expand the teamspeak up to any number of slots needed.

Edit: if, when you join, you see a hundred different channels and it seems very confusing you have most likely joined without specifying the port number. Make sure to nclude the numbers after the ":" lol!
Beardy Bump
To add. A few new people last night were under the impression that the teamspeak was not for them since I was in it casting live. This could not be further rom he truth. It is open to all at any time. Just read and follow the few rules.
Join up; Speak up; and Enjoy! Play Soft or Hard Kata doesnt judge!
hey man im 22 i play hc i got a 42 DH n 33 monk, hit me up i got bluetooth id like to play wit yall
i dont no where to get teamspeak or any of that bro, just got pc havent used computers in years
Ah... teamspeak. Mumble is where it is at but I think I might have to download it to check this out. I've seen your stream a couple times and it is very entertaining. Good work:)

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