Which follower are youusing on your monk?

Which follower are you using on your hell or inferno monk and why?
Templar, he has some healing skills that can help.
I personally use the enchantress for a little extra cc and range dps.
i use mage cos of mass hex.. that is all.
I use the templar on Hell. I team him up with the Earth ally While I aoe everything and cycle between my 4 heals.

My Templar does not get one hit killed as TakinTheHeat suggests just equip him right (unless he refers to Inferno).

The earth ally however does get owned by champions with plague or molten skills but he only costs 25 spirit to bring back. He's a great diversion for you to go close and dps champions until he dies or they change focus to you. When this happens, just run back and resummon him. Rince repeat.
none. hell diff. just reaching end of act I.
05/22/2012 10:29 AMPosted by ToolOfIsis
Using none is insufficient.

It's also a challenge, and fun.
Currently Templar but plan on switching to the Enchantress at some point to give myself some ranged attack ability. it is key to properly equip them though - I actually found through the earlier difficulty levels that my Templar was the main reason I upgraded my blacksmithing.
Enchantress A2 Inferno, using every CC ability she has.

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